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COMM targets Total Media Support that
drives a Diversified Media Capability

これからの時代、従来の情報提供のみを主体としたメディアのあり方ではなく、消費者とのインタラクティブなコミュニケーションを図る、 ユーザー参加型メディアのあり方が重要になっています。
COMMでは、年単位、月単位、週単位で発刊される既存の紙媒体に加え、目的 に合わせた自由なタイミングでの情報発信の形態に力を入れています。また、これらのユーザー参加型メディアにより、情報発信と マーケティングを同時に行うことが可能です。

In the future, the mainstay of media will, no longer be like in the past, be only an information provider, but an user- participating media that targets interactive communication with consumers will rise in importance.
In COMM, apart from print media that is publish yearly, monthly and weekly, efforts have been made into information transmission platforms that can transmit information flexibly. Moreover, with this user-participating form of media, marketing can take place alongside information transmission.



How do you convey your message and reach out to the market? Together, for 20 years we have been walking along and building trust among the Japanese community in Singapore and Asia. Our expertise and knowledge about the market will advance our client's needed media marketing strategy in order to achieve goals.

  • Branding & Add service
  • Media Strategy and effective planning, promoting, and executing
  • Marketing consulting (by integrating all of our media networks)




Whether it is a product or service, we dedicate ourselves to increase our client's presence in Singapore and Asia by producing effective advertisement. Our staffs are here to assist your need with absolute professionalism and solution.

  • Printing materials [Pamphlets, Leaflets, Poster, POP]
  • Film, Video, Audio production and promotion
  • Advertisement photography
  • Copywriting
  • Translation & Interpreter service [Japanese to English, English to Japanese]

Event Promotion and Management


An effective promotion event can create positive connection about your product/ service with the crowd and the Japanese/local markets. We are here to devote our wide range of networks and expertise in order to support planning and promoting of events, that are best suited to our client's needs.

  • Launching events & Promoting new products and services
  • Planning, Coordination, and Management of various kinds of events
  • Deployment of MC

Event Promotion and Management


Our media networks allow maximum exposure into Japanese expatriates/Japanese firms in Singapore and Asia, and specific locals markets such as communities interested in Japanese culture. Our strength is, in the works of intergraded compatibility of media networks - ranging from radio broadcasting to free magazine, newspaper publishing - the ability to effectively execute our client's message across the market. We emphasize in understanding client's need in order to make the right choice using the most effective media for a solution. We offer;

  • Free Paper [J+Plus]
  • Radio Broadcasting [FM96.3]
  • Newspaper [Singapore Keizai Shimbun]
  • Online Magazine